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Bernd Lauer



Here is an example. The picture "Four Elements" painted with acrylic paints 100 x 70 cm on canvas / HKR

Bernd Lauer used the photo of a tree bark (birch) for the digital work. Then the computer was needed to create the new 3-dimensional image.

A real photo print behind acrylic glass has now been created.

His work bears the signature BL and the digital images BERNADO Art.


Bernd Lauer was born in Braunschweig Lehndorf in 1952. He grew up modestly and after graduating from school began training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. After graduating, he left Braunschweig to gain experience.

He has been in the real estate industry since working life. From Bremen via Frankfurt to Hanover, where he married in 1978 and had a daughter.

It was not until 2005 that he got access to art and learned that there was also a spiritual life.

In 2009 he had his first studio in the Osnabrücker Land and a little later also his first exhibitions.

He learned to express his feelings through the colors. Because he did not study art, he continued his education at workshops and similar events and looked over the shoulder of other artists.

Pictures that present themselves to the viewer again and again and therefore do not become boring, that is the goal of Bernd Lauer.

Soon painting was no longer enough for him.

Bernd Lauer deals with photography and the digital possibilities in art.

Creating a new work now consisted not only of brush and canvas but also of photos and the computer.

These variants offered his creative mind further possibilities to represent himself.

His great imagination and a special feeling for colors are reflected in his pictures. In many works he cannot deny his spiritual attitude. For Bernd Lauer, the way is the art and the work is the result.

Pressebericht Bernd Lauer Ausstellung
Buch  intuitive Kunst von Bernd Lauer
Einladung Einzelausstellung Bernd Lauer, Galerie Ladbergen
Bernd Lauer Einzelausstellung Presse
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Einladung Einzelausstellung Bernd Lauer imKulturhof
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Einzelausstellung Bernd Lauer  Kunst
Pressebericht Bernd Lauer, Kunst von 2 Seiten
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Plakat Kunstausstellung Bernd Lauer
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