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Eine vom Künstler autorisierte Fassung des Bildes WOW auf einer Leinwand von Whitewall.

Stolze 1,70 m x 0,70, mit modernen Farben.   


One-off 99 pieces  (about 50% sold) 

Artist: Bernd Lauer 29.9.1952  Braunschweig Germany

Art : Marilyn Monroe, drawn, photographed and digitally retouched. The work is laminated on matt aluminum Dibond at WhiteWall Germany. Then signed and numbered. The file is deleted when number 99 is reached in order to obtain the value . 



Delivery Delivery fee will be calculated  UPS / DHL (USA  96 Dollar UPS

Subscription price until 1.2.2023  435,000  US-Dollar shipping USA 96 USDollar

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