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On this and the following pages I will show you my art.
I created my work the way my soul wanted it to be.
My work is not tied to any rules.
The works are created through photos taken by me, painted pictures, PC painting and digital possibilities.
Here's an example:


We only show originals hereou only see originals.

That's why I always sell you the original file as a password-protected file that contains the following:

Always the original image file in JPG format at least 3,000 x 5,000 pixels, a document, a certificate, something about me (Vita) and a small press and exhibition collage. In addition, I assign my rights of use to you. With it you can produce prints, copies, exhibitions and reproductions of all kinds and of course also sell them.
I then have the certainty that my work was worth it and survived.
A backup as an NFT blockchain (encrypted data chain) can be offered. Here I ask for an offer.
But you can also leave this with the documents I have written if you are familiar with Crypto, Ethereum mouse.

In the future, these digitally collected works will then be shown on large televisions or picture changers mounted on the wall. longed for. Enter the 21st century. The images / files can also be traded on auctions such as Open Sea, Wax or Rarible.
Buy these works of art too. The prices are still manageable. Although Sotheby's recently auctioned an NFT file by the artist Beeple for 60 million.

If you are interested in purchasing my digital exhibits or in a collaboration, please let me know.


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